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Is your property marketing making the right first impression?


I often refer to the advertising portals as the tinder of the property marketing world, this is of course tongue in cheek, but the principles are the same. Hours of scrolling and swiping on a mobile device waiting for a prospective partner or property to jump out at us with an attractive front shot. For those of you not au fait with tinder, it is a mobile phone dating app. As with property portals the dating app has two seconds to capture the interest of the prospective partner or buyer, making it imperative that your front shot stands out from the crowd.


After capturing your prospective buyers attention comes the more complex task of retaining their interest, your property may tick all or many of the boxes the buyer needs practically, but how do your photographs make the potential viewer feel? Do they feel that your property has been well looked after or like your property needs a lot of work?  Do they display a relaxed feel or do the pictures look cluttered and chaotic? Do they look like an effort has been made to present the property in its best light or does the preparation look slap dash? Is your buyer left feeling excited about the lifestyle your property can offer and confident that you would be a responsive vendor with a proactive agent?


We were called out to a property recently, the property had been on the market for three months, not one viewing had been carried out and the agent was encouraging the vendor to decrease the asking price. The property is in a highly affordable price bracket and the lack of interest was surprising. On reviewing the online marketing, the large tv in the living room had been left on, drawing the eye to the screen, the cushions not plumped on the sofa, the washing line was left out in the garden, the car in the front of the property and the pictures were dark. The lack of interest no longer such a mystery maybe?


No doubt before placing your property on the market or even having a valuation on your property, you will have had a look online to see the types of properties that you deem to meet your new set of requirements and budget. Try having a look back through, pay attention to the properties you click on, look at the photographs, how do they make you feel? Write down any do’s and don’ts that can be applied to your property, but most of all at this stage, pay attention to the agents that make the effort to ensure that their customers properties are making a stand-out first impression.